This page is inspired by Thomas Frank and his NOW LIST, where he summarize his goals and focus for certain moment. There is also nice explanantion of purpose for “NOW page”.

Current version (26.2.2019)

  • health
    • exercising (6x per week (45 mins) or atlest 3x per week (1 hour) when there is no other option) - KB5 (CZ)
    • cooking by myself
    • trying to strech (to realief a pain from bike accident)
  • learning
    • UX
    • back-end (NodeJS)
    • Android (Kotlin)
  • writing this blog about me
  • find a (preferably remote) job spend atleast 3 months outside of the Czech Republic
    • visit Thailand, Vietnam and Sicily
  • reading books and listening to podcasts - Google Sheet>
    • atleast 1 book/e-book per month
    • atleast 1 Blinkist audiobook per week
    • atleast 2 podcasts per week

Past version (10.6.2018)

I am currently in Taipei, moving back to Prague at the end of this month. I will dedicate 90% of my time to this activities:

  • exercising (6x per week or atlest 3x per week when there is no other option) + cooking (in Prague) - DONE
  • doing my master thesis (NER) - DONE
  • learning about design, front-end and blockchain
  • writing this blog about my study at Taiwan - DONE
  • travelling, hiking, meeting new people and going to meetups - DONE
  • reading books and listening to podcasts - DONE
  • improving my managing/planning skills and generating ideas for my startup

I will keep this page updated. (Current version is from 10.6.2018)